If we need to evacuate the school because our school facility is unusable, we notify parents/guardians via SMS, email or phone that we are initiating a Re-Unification process to reunite parents/authorized individuals with their student(s) early from school (e.g. significant earthquake, fire, chemical spill, lack of running water).

Our school district standardized our re-unification procedures using a “Double Gate” system according to the instructions below:

If a threat is posed to students and/or staff, we may initiate further safety protocols to secure the facility and, work with local authorities to ensure all are safe.

We aim to make our school a warm and inviting environment. Please help us by always reporting to the office first, prior to visiting classrooms and play areas. Please ensure the office has any court orders that are in place that describe parental agreements.

Please contact Mr. Thompson, principal, directly if you would like more information.