Handbook / Conduct

Braefoot Elementary School Student Code of Conduct

Braefoot Elementary School, in partnership with its community, is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, respectful environment where each student strives to reach their full potential as a citizen in our community.

Four strands of Behaviour expectations related to Braefoot Elementary School; Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation and Safety.

At Braefoot School we strive to establish and maintain a safe, caring environment conducive to purposeful learning.

The Braefoot B’s chart outlines our Conduct Expectations for members of the Braefoot School Community. The Behaviours are listed in a positive fashion, indicating the behaviour we expect at school. In classroom discussions, teachers discuss and explain acceptable conduct.

Behaviours that interfere with the learning of others, or demonstrate unacceptable conduct, such as violence, bullying, harassing, damage to property, theft or any form of discrimination are addressed.

It is our expectation that as students become older, more mature and move through the grades they will demonstrate increased personal responsibility and show increased self-discipline.

Addressing unacceptable conduct means identifying the inappropriate behaviour, bringing understanding as to how the behaviour affects self and others while developing strategies and skills to promote more positive behaviour. Restitution approaches will be applied to support children affected by inappropriate behaviours.

The focus of restitution is to improve behaviour, fix the problem, restore relationships while maintaining the dignity of the child. Part of the restitution process may include, but are not limited to, conference, time out and/or suspension.

Staff approach students as learners and parents as partners in dealing with complex problems. However, depending on the nature and/or severity of a situation, school staff may involve district consultants, outside agencies and/or Police to address high-level situations.

 Digital Devices at School

Students are not to use their digital devices to take photos of other students at school or during school events. Students who bring digital devices to school, do so at their own risk. They must be stored in a safe place as the school will not be held responsible. Cell phones are to be kept in the student’s backpack and left off during the school day.