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Our school is fortunate to have a half-time school counselor, Ms. Maxine Toth.

The referral process may include:

  • Self-referral by students
  • Referrals from staff
  • Referrals from families
  • Referrals through School-Based Team

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Parenting with the Brain in Mind:

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Early Learning and ElementaryWhat to Say to Your Kids When Nothing Else Works


TOPIC: Peer Connections

Peer connections are vital for children and youth as they contribute to the development of social skills, emotional intelligence, a sense of belonging and mental well-being. From kindergarten through to high school, parents can play a crucial role in helping their child navigate friendships by fostering their social skills, providing guidance on conflict resolution, and adapting their support to meet the changing needs of their child.

Elementary – Friends Around the World

March/April 2024 Snapshots:

The March/April snapshots focus on connection to culture. It’s valuable to understand and be connected to culture as it supports a sense of identity and belonging. Culture provides a framework to understand who we are, where we come from, and our place in the world. This sense of identity and belonging can contribute to overall well-being.

Elementary – The Value of being Connected to Culture